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Public Sector Project Management Forum Logo

Terms of Reference


To coordinate a dynamic semi-annual “Public Sector Project Management Forum” that provides an opportunity for project managers in the broader public sector to network, collaborate, and share ideas in the interests of improving project management practices.


Ensure the broader public sector agencies are represented at the PSPM Forums including: Federal, Provincial government, municipal, government’s conservation authorities, the health sector, the education sector, utilities, emergency services and others.

To provide a variety of project management common topics of interest for forum discussions with a focus on topics that are particular to the public sector.

To enlist project management professionals from the public sector for information sharing.

Committee Membership

The committee will consist of 4 – 10 representatives. Committee membership shall be mainly from but, at the discretion of the Committee, not limited to, the public sectors: Federal, Provincial and municipal governments, non-government public sector agencies, most recent past forum host, and next forum host.

Roles and Responsibilities

Committee members will:

  • Assist the host of the upcoming event in planning
  • Assist in determining the agenda and topics for the event.
  • Assist in reviewing presentations to be made at the event.
  • The term of a member will normally be 3 years, but will be renewable at the members request, and committee approval. If a committee member does not participate in meetings for a period of one year, they will be asked if they wish to continue in that role.
  • The committee may invite new members after discussion/majority vote of attending/responding members.

The Committee Chair will:

  • Call committee meetings to deal with Forum events and items. Where possible, phone in or email may be used to increase participation/feedback.
  • Act as a committee member (above).
  • Pass the torch to the vice-chair, and become the past chair on an annual basis.

The Committee Vice Chair will:

  • Be elected from the existing committee membership.
  • Assist/support the committee/chair.
  • Act as a committee member (above).
  • Succeed to be the chair after a period of one year.

The Past Committee Chair will:

  • Assist/support the committee/chair.
  • Act as a committee member (above).
  • Serves for a period of one year, then continue as a committee member.

The host of the forum will:

  • Be responsible for allocating funds and securing resources for the event
  • Lead the planning of the event

The most recent past forum host will:

  • Provide a forum close-out report to the host


Steering committee members should meet at the call of the chair 4 months prior to each forum and 1 month following each forum. Additional meetings may be held at the call of the current host or Chair. Generally, most communication between committee members will be completed via e-mail and telephone.