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Host Guidelines and Templates

Guidelines for Panel Discussions

  1. The PSPMF Panel will be 45 minutes in length.
  2. The Panel should be comprised of 4 speakers, preferably each from different public sector levels (local, regional, provincial, federal) and/or agencies, boards and commissions.
  3. There will be 2 - 3 questions for the panel topic. Each question will be asked sequentially, allowing each speaker to respond to that question before moving onto the next one.
  4. Each speaker will have 3 minutes to respond to each question. All questions should be answered within 30 minutes.
  5. After all questions have been answered; speakers may take questions from the forum participants.
  6. The forum host should have someone to keep time for each speaker and for the 15 minute question period that follows.
  7. The PSPMF Host or Steering Committee will choose the topic for the Panel.

Guidelines for PSPMF Presenters

  1. Those wishing to be considered as PSPMF speakers must respond to the PSPMF host's “Call for Speakers”.
  2. Speakers must send a draft copy of their presentation to the PSPMF Host (who will distribute to the Steering Committee) for review and approval at least one month before the event. The presentation will be in line with the Forum theme and Agenda.
  3. Speakers will be required to send their final presentations to the PSPMF host at least 1 week prior to the event in order to prepare conference packages and ensure that they are loaded on the presentation computer.
  4. Speakers must adhere to the Forum topic as prepared for the PSPMF.
  5. Speakers will in no way market for personal gain or solicit business from Forum participants.
  6. Speakers will have the agreed time limit to present their content to the forum participants; there will be up to 15 minute Q&A period after each speaker has presented, and this will be calculated into the total time.
  7. The Forum host will provide a timekeeper for each speaker. The timekeeper will give speakers notice when their presentations have 5 and 1 minutes remaining. The timekeeper will immediately transition to the Question and Answer period directly after this.